GAMESCOM 2012 | New Move Title To Debut At GamesCom 2012 [UPDATED]

I’ve just received the final schedule of the Sony presentations I’ll be attending at the upcoming GamesCom 2012 event in Cologne, and listed among them is an alluring “New Move IP”. What could it be?

Obviously, the first title that comes to mind would be that mysterious horror game first spotted during the European Game Developers Conference of 2009, which according to sources might be called “Until Dawn”, but it’s hard to tell for sure.

While the domain name “untildawngame.com” is still alive (even tho it currently redirects to the main PlayStation site), the trademark for “Until Dawn”, which was registered in April 2010, has been abandoned on May 23rd, 2011. Not that this means anything really (the trademark for Sorcery was abandoned in 2011, after the game official unveiling at E3 2010), but if the “New Move IP” is indeed that horror title of 2009, perhaps it won’t be called “Until Dawn”.

[UPDATE] Looks like Sony just re-registered the “Until Dawn” trademark.

In any case, what really matters is that a new Move exclusive game is to be unveiled shortly, and since Sony has already a bunch of casual offerings in the pipeline, chances are this new Move IP might be targeted towards the core PS3 audience.

The “New Move IP” presentation to the press is scheduled for Thursday, August 16th, but its identity will likely be reveled a few days earlier, during the SCEE GamesCom 2012 press conference scheduled for August 14th.

Fingers crossed people!