Lights, Camera, Party! Coming To PSN This Month

Canadian developer Frima Studio is bringing a new Move required party game to PlayStation 3 featuring 50 mini-games and 8 players support.

According to the PlayStation Blog post written by Frima Studio’s Executive Producer Martin Brouard, Lights, Camera, Party! “puts you in the shoes of the Funzinis, a family forced to compete in an array of wild game shows to win a new home after the TV station’s satellite crash lands in their living room”.

Built upon this premise, a Story mode will allow for up to 4 local players (unclear whether simultaneously or not) to go through a series of challenges themed after various TV shows, from cooking to sci-fi and involving all sort of activities from blasting alien ships, whacking piñatas, escaping rabid dogs and whatever else you can figure out yourself by watching the debut trailer below or the official screenshots.

While the Story mode will feature 24 challenges, three party modes will extend the range of tasks to 50 with the inclusion of specific, super short mini-games. In this case the maximum numbers of participants will be extended to eight, all sharing one motion controller (to be passed around).

On top of all of the above, the game will include 150 challenges, 200 in-game achievements and 12 trophies.

Scheduled to release on August 28/29 exclusively via the PlayStation Store, the US version of Lights, Camera, Party! will be priced at $29.99, with a 50% discount ($14.99) for PlayStation Plus members. A trial version will be available on launch day as well. Pricing of the EU version is yet unknown.

On a final note, it’s worth mentioning that, unlike previous party games such as TV Superstars, Carnival Island, and the Start The Party! series, Lights, Camera, Party! will be the first PS3 exclusive Move-only party game not published by Sony.