iWalkthrough | Sports Champions 2

Sports Champions 2, the sequel to one the most accomplished Move exclusive titles, will hit the store shelves in less than a week, so here is an early look at all the sports included in the package! Starting with Tennis…

As you are well aware of, just like the prequel, Sports Champions 2 features 4 difficulty levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Champion) which not only affect the ability of the AI but also (and more importantly) the accuracy of the simulation. The higher the difficulty, the less assisted the gameplay gets.

All the gameplay featured in this iWalkthrough was recorded with the difficulty level set to Gold via the Free Play option (which provides access to all the difficulty levels from the get go).

A proper iWatch analysis of the PlayStation Move controls will follow shortly after I’ve finished uploading all the videos.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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