iWalkthrough | The Unfinished Swan

This video will walk you through the first chapter of the game (“The Garden”) featuring game mechanics built around the black paintball. The other videos covering the rest of the game will be published (when? See below) on my YouTube channel without further notice here on iWaggle3D. So, subscribe!
– This walkthrough doesn’t feature voice commentary, but it does feature hands overlay, therefore you can easily understand how the Move controls work from the very beginning of Part 1. The first 2 minutes of said part are self-explanatory on this regard, and (more importantly) spoilers free, so watch those if you can’t wait for my full PlayStation Move analysis.

– At some points during this iWalkthrough you’ll notice some cross-faded cuts. Those are due to my hands-recording camera stopping recording every 10 minutes or so, forcing me to pause the game in order to start another recording session. I edited out those moments for a smoother watching experience.
I’ll publish the next parts of this iWalkthrough on October 15th, along with a 100% spoilers free PlayStation Move analysis.

Developer by Giant Sparrow, The Unfinished Swan will release on the EU/US PlayStation Store on October 16th/17th for PlayStation Plus members, and on October 23rd/24th for everyone else. It will cost $14.99/€12.99/£9.99.


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