Old PlayStation Store Versus New PlayStation Store: Quick Speed Test

Here is a quick video comparison between the old PlayStation Store and the new one which went live today (October 17th) in Europe. The new PlayStation Store is scheduled to go live in US next week (October 23rd).

The video was recorded in Europe (Italy) before the new Store actually went up in that region. At the time of recording, only the Australian new Store was up, therefore I compared the latter with the old US one (rather than the EU one to keep “internet distance” as similar as possible).

It goes without saying that both the old and the new PlayStation Stores were reached via the very same PS3 system (wired internet connection / fairly fast BB / no background downloadings going on).

Even tho these results favor the old PlayStation Store, the new one provides a nicer layout and, more importantly, a slicker interface and better content organisation. So, even tho it’s slower to load and requires more steps to download free stuff (at least in its current state), I think the new PlayStation Store makes it easier to find the content you are looking for.

Hopefully Sony improves the “speed factor” in the future (and maybe add Move support :P)


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