iWalkthrough | Move Fitness

Watch every single exercise included in Move Fitness for PS3 in this full playthrough of what could easily be considered the best (and funniest) fitness game ever released for PlayStation Move.

From basic exercises such as circling amrs, jump squats or shoulder press to fun activities such as shooting basketball hoops, performing punch combos, playing dodgeball or swinging kanatas, there is lot to keep you burning calories with a smile.

As long as you have enough room to move around. That is.

And two PlayStation Move controllers. Required.


This play-through introduces a couple of novelties I’ve been working on in preparation for the upcoming era of PlayStation VR video coverage.

First of all, you can enjoy a brand new opening reflecting the VR focus of said coverage.

I understand it doesn’t make sense in the context of Move Fitness (which is a PS3 game with obviously no VR support whatsoever – albeit I consider it a good candidate for an hypothetic “VR Remaster”), but as my previous HDD went belly up almost a year ago, bringing every iWaggle3D related media with it (including a couple of complex PlayStation Move analyses I’d been working on for months…*sigh*), I decided to start afresh, with Virtual Reality in mind.

Sure, I could have reused the old opening by trimming it out from a random video of mine downloaded from YouTube, but since I’ve rebranded “iWaggle3D” to “iWaggleVR” already…

And I wanted the opening to run at 60fps as well.

Second: the technique I used to capture and superimpose myself in this video offers a glimplse of what you can expect from the VR games videos I’ll begin providing as soon as I get my head into a PlayStation VR headset next year. (More glimples on my Instagram and Vine pages.)

Move Fitness has been a very good testbed for the effectiveness and robustness of my solution, even tho it exposes only the “3rd person” part of it. I wish I could show you the “1st person” one, but Datura (the only VR game at my disposal) isn’t very well suited for a proper display.

Not to mention I don’t have any sort of HMD.

Early tests are very promising tho, so I’m confident you’ll be pleased.

Ok, enough talking!

Enjoy the Move Fitness playthrough!