RUMOR | PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Brings Motion Controls To Any Game. Yes, Any Game… [UPDATED: It’s Legit. Evidence Added]

According to reports online, it appears the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel doesn’t work solely with games supporting it. Apparently, it works with any game, even those with no Move compatibility whatsoever.

Wait. What? That’s exactly my reaction to the findings shared by fellow iWaggle3D reader and early adopter of the new Move peripheral Albert Chen (@trioptical).

According to Albert’s early tests, the Racing Wheel seems to be working with games that it’s not supposed to work with, provided the Move is attached to the device and set to controller port 1. You don’t even need the PS Eye camera (the Move sphere doesn’t light up at all).

Albert allegedly tried the device with games such as Need For Speed Shift 2 (no official Move support), Gran Turismo 5 (no official Move support yet – although a patch is planned) and, oddly enough, even Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (no official Move support, of course). Result? It works!

Even tho said games do not recognize the Move + Racing Wheel combo as such, they do apparently read its inputs as coming from a regular DualShock 3 controller. Therefore the Racing Wheel face buttons are registered as regular DS3 face buttons, its potentiometer triggers as L2/R2, its twist throttle as R2, its paddle shifters as L1/R1, and, more importantly, the device tilting as the DS3 left analog stick titling.

What the last bit implies is that any racing game using the left analog stick to steer (that is, all of them) is already compatible with the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel. Moreover, it looks like the motion tracking in “unsupported” games is spot on as Albert reports that “the virtual steering hands in GT5’s cockpit view are basically 1:1 with wheel”.

If confirmed (I have no reason not to believe Albert, but I’m filing this as a “rumor” while I wait for an official confirmation from Sony), this news could be tremendously beneficial to the adoption rate of the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel. Especially if you take into account the fact that you don’t need a PS Eye to get it to work. Just one Move would do.

Of course, games supporting the device natively, such as Motorstorm: Apocalypse (which is already compatible as this photo taken by Albert testifies) will likely provide a better experience (as a matter of fact, in Motorstorm: Apocalypse the paddle shifters don’t double as L1/R1, but rather as Square and Circle for ramming left or right), but then again the prospect of “motion steering” as well as of squeezing some proper triggers even in racing games oblivious of its very existence does turn the Racing Wheel into more valuable proposition than initially expected.

For more information about the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel and the games supporting it natively please refer to our previous coverage. Or check the video embedded below for an overview of the device.

Thanks again to Albert Chen for the heads-up!

[UPDATE] I’ve got confirmation that the PS Move Racing Wheel will indeed work with games that do not officially support the Move. Moreover, Albert provided the following photos (click to enlarge) from the Racing Wheel manual describing the setup procedure for games “that do not display the setup screens for the PS Move motion controller” (that is, games with no Move support).
PlayStation Racing Wheel Maual