Portal 2 In Motion Releases Next Week Along With Digital Download Version Of Portal 2 (With Move Support)

After a rather long period of silence since its unveiling last June, during the E3 2012 event, Sixense Entertainment announced today they will release the Move exclusive Portal 2 DLC going by the name of Portal 2 In Motion on November 6th for $9.99.

Along with the announcement comes the confirmation that a free patch will bring motion controls to the original Portal 2 as well, allowing you to play the whole game (both solo or in co-op) with the PlayStation Move (minus the special “abilities” included in the Move-specific DLC such as portal surfing and cube scaling).

On the same day of Portal 2 In Motion release, Valve will also release a digital download version of Portal 2 on the PlayStation Store at a yet unknown price.

Finally, during the launch period, PlayStation Plus members will be able to purchase both Portal 2 and the In Motion DLC with a 30% discount.

No information yet about the European release. Hopefully it won’t take as long as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is taking… [UPDATE] Portal 2 In Motion will release on the EU PlayStation Store next week for €9.99/£7.99 (30% discount for PS+ members).

Those unfamiliar with Sixense and Portal 2 In Motion are kindly invited to check the debut trailer below or read this exclusive interview with the people behind the whole affair.

Expect an iWatch analysis of the Portal 2 Move controls (and possibly an iWalkthrough of the In Motion DLC) in the upcoming days.

Exciting times for the PlayStation Move!